The  core   of   the   activities  under   the   auspices  of    the

Venugopalaswamy  temple  include   programs , events  and

projects aimed at socieal  development.These  activities  are

initated  by   the   core   members  of  the   VGET   trust   that

administers  this  temple on a day to  day  basis. The  temple

through  the  VGET  trust  funds  primary education funds  for

school   childern    belonging    to   the   under   privilaged  by 

providing regular tution  school  fees for applicants  who send

in their requirement to the managing trustee sri.K.S.Ramanujan.

He  can  be  connected  by  email  at



This  initiative  is   aimed   at  helping  the  local  community.  The  VGET  trust  also  funds  &  builds

innovative socially useful experimental projects  in  the  templecomplex.The latest  initiative has been

the setting up of a micro goshaals with self-sufficient throughsolar photovoltaic electricity generation

panels ,rapid  milk  chilling  and refrigeration facility and  mechanical  milking facility  and  mechanical

milking  facility. The  project  set  up as  “GOVINDAM”  in  the  temple  complex  is  operational now

producing about 15ltrs of milk a day for use by the local community.the trust has now commenced a

“GREEN FOODER” initiative to grow within the complex agricultural lands necessary green fodder

needed for the cows as part of this self-reliant project.A view of the Goshaala is seen in the picture.